About us

About Aluminized

Aluminized is a metal processing company specializing in aluminium parts, semi-finished products and products for various industries. With a team of technical experts, we work daily on versatile assignments for all kinds of clients. These include customers from the automotive, bicycle and e-mobility industries. Its light weight and circular capabilities make aluminium a sustainable product. With 2,500 solar panels, we generate (part of) our own energy. Thus, by producing aluminium components, we make a sustainable contribution to various industries.

Aluminized in a nutshell:

  • Leading the market in aluminium components
  • Production and assembly
  • From prototype to serial production
  • Innovative production process
  • Over 250 technical experts
  • High-end factory of 14,000 m2

Our services

At Aluminized, we do not avoid any aluminium challenge. We specialise in laser cutting, deburring, bending, (robotic) welding and powder coating of aluminium sheet and tube constructions. Your requirements are our main starting point when making a product. In consultation, our engineers design a prototype that can be further improved. We are happy to advise on the manufacturability of a product. We do this until it is completely satisfactory. We then make the prototype and proceed with batch or series production.


Curious about what we can do for you?

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