Our story

Aluminized history: who are we and what do we stand for?

Aluminized is a metal processing company that has been operating internationally for many years. In your search for a production specialist, it is nice to know where our expertise lies. For that reason, we would like to tell you more about the history and development of our company, which is now based in Katwijk aan Zee. By sharing our story, we give you a unique insight into the growth that Aluminized has experienced.

Why choose Aluminized as a production partner

  • More than 100 years of experience in aluminium processing.
  • Strong in serial production.
  • Excellent service and quality.
  • Optimized manufacturability check.

The history of Aluminized

The origins of Aluminized go back to the year 1916 when it was founded by A. Slotboom. This was then still under the name Van Reekum N.V.. He started with a bicycle shop, but in 1927 he became a manufacturer of sheet metal parts and had his own sheet metal workshop. For this reason, he was also registered as a manufacturer of sheet metal parts. Over the years, the company specialised more and more in the production of fuel tanks. This was decisive for rapid expansion. In 2001, Aluminized was acquired by SAG and since then the focus has been on the production of aluminium fuel tanks, not 1 but 1,000 units per day. Since 2020, product development and realisation of products for, among others, the e- mobility industry was started.


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