3D measurements

Get your dream project measured comprehensively and accurately in 3D

Clients often come to us with a request to create a new product or part that is complicated in shape. For example, the design includes slots, holes, chambers and so on. The first thing we then do is take a number of 3d measurements. Indeed, 3d measuring gives a very accurate result, a duplicate of exactly the same shape and with the same dimensions. Indeed, making complex shapes in a material like aluminium requires a correct 3d model. Moreover, these 3d measurements allow us to make an exact copy of the model you supplied or the prototype we made based on your design.

Based on these highly accurate measurements, we set our machines so that the series products we manufacture are exactly the same as the prototype. Aluminized has several scanners for 3d measuring.

Op basis van deze zeer nauwkeurige metingen stellen wij onze machines in, zodat de serieproducten die wij vervaardigen, precies gelijk zijn aan het prototype. Aluminized heeft diverse scanners voor het 3d meten.

3d measurements by Aluminized:

  • From prototype to batch and serial production
  • For sheet and tube constructions
  • Ability to combine various operations
  • Production and assembly facilities
  • High-end factory of 14,000 m2

The specific scanner and measurement technique we use depend on several factors, including:

  • The desired level of accuracy
  • The desired level of resolution
  • The size of the object

After 3D scanning the model provided by you, we create a prototype at the same scale. When we 3D measure the prototype, we use these data to set up our machines with high precision. Of course, each step in this process will be discussed with you. You will see the prototype at its actual size and exactly how the final product will be. Only when the prototype fully meets your needs and requirements, our machines will be set to the correct measurements, and the mass production of your dream project can begin.
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3D measurements by Aluminized

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