Aluminium Grinding

Your custom product with optimal finishing through aluminium grinding

Attempting to grind or cut aluminium yourself is highly discouraged, as it releases small particles of aluminium dust that can enter the body when inhaled, potentially causing damage to lung alveoli and leading to health issues. Prolonged exposure to high concentrations of aluminium ions can even result in neurological disorders. Moreover, aluminium dust is flammable and can be explosive when finely dispersed in the air.

At our factory, we perform aluminium grinding and cutting under protective conditions with proper ventilation, ensuring no risk of airborne aluminium particles. Additionally, we use specialized equipment that can be precisely adjusted to achieve the ideal end result you desire.

You can confidently entrust your aluminium grinding and cutting needs to us. We can provide expert advice on the most suitable technique to achieve your desired outcome.

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Aluminium grinding by Aluminized:

  • From prototype to batch and serial production
  • For sheet and tube constructions
  • Ability to combine various operations
  • Production and assembly capabilities
  • High-end factory of 14.000 m2

Aluminium grinding by Aluminized

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