Aluminium Roll Bending

What is roll bending, and where is the best place to go for this process?

Roll bending is a machining technique in which an aluminium sheet is deformed between hardened steel forming rolls to obtain a specific profile, such as corrugated sheet or a funnel shape. Roll bending takes place on a roll forming machine, which consists of a series of roll forming stations placed in sequence.
There can be confusion with the term “aluminium plate rolling,” but in plate rolling, the thickness of the plate is reduced, whereas in roll bending, the thickness of the plate remains the same, only the shape or profile changes.

The machine used for roll bending can have two to four rolls, each number of rolls having its advantages and disadvantages.

The roll bending process itself is cost-effective. However, building the rolls to achieve the desired profile is a time-consuming and thus expensive process. As a result, roll bending is only economically viable for large production quantities.

Aluminium roll bending by Aluminized:

  • From prototype to batch and serial production
  • For sheet and tube constructions
  • Possibility of combining various operations
  • Production and assembly capabilities
  • High-end factory of 14,000 m2

Aluminized Roll Bending

Whether you want to roll bend or plate roll aluminium, let us first inform you about the various possibilities. Based on our specialized knowledge and extensive experience, we can advise you on the best (and most cost-effective) way to roll bend or plate roll your aluminium.
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Aluminium roll bending by Aluminized

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