Careful deburring saves frustration and costs

Aluminum deburring, also known as edge rounding, is the process of removing sharp edges and burrs that occur after machining sheet materials. Deburring gives aluminum a smooth finish and improves the workability of the piece in subsequent processes (e.g., painting of sheet parts).
Furthermore, a burr (a protrusion or raised edge around the metal’s cut edges) on a sheet can lead to torn clothing and cuts, potentially causing complaints or lawsuits. Therefore, deburring your product carefully, especially if it is intended for consumer use, is essential!

A burr can be caused by cold metalworking processes, such as stamping, punching, sawing, or filing, or by hot metalworking processes like forging, welding, and cutting. Deburring aluminum is a way to make the metal smooth again.

Deburring or edge rounding should be done with care. For aluminum deburring, Aluminized has specialized machines that ensure a mirror-smooth surface. By using different abrasive belts on a wide belt sanding machine, we make the metal surface smooth again, making your product suitable for consumer use.

Deburring by Aluminized:

  • From prototype to batch and serial production
  • For sheet and tube constructions
  • Ability to combine various operations
  • Production and assembly capabilities
  • High-end factory of 14,000 m2

“I’ll deburr my alumiunium myself”. We sometimes hear customers say that, but we strongly advise against it. Because it’s not just about deburring or deburring (removing edges or weld spatter), it’s also about cleaning and degreasing the surface properly before applying a coating and having the right degree of roughness. Machines can do this more cheaply, accurately and consistently.
Aluminium deburring or deflashing is therefore best left to the specialist. We ensure the best result in the most cost-efficient way.
In short, deburr your aluminium product carefully and leave this, and the pre-processing of the end product, to the specialist for the best result. We at Aluminized are at your service.

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