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Welding aluminum: what are the advantages?

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Aluminum welding comes with various advantages. What is the added value of aluminum welding by our company?

– Every welding task is carried out safely and expertly by a professional.
– In consultation with you as the client, we decide which welding technique to use.
– We have all the necessary knowledge of aluminum and the related processing techniques in-house.
Aluminum welding is a widely used metalworking method. During welding, we use special welding equipment to achieve the best results.
We have a short delivery time, ensuring that your order is always delivered quickly.

When joining or combining aluminum, we employ different welding techniques. TIG welding is particularly suitable for very precise welding work. This can be done with or without filler material, and you are always assured of a beautiful finish. MIG welding is another processing technique characterized by high welding speed. Furthermore, the heat input is less than in TIG welding, resulting in less distortion. For each project, we assess which welding technique is most suitable for joining aluminum.

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