Serial production

Aluminum serial production: we create your aluminum products

You prefer to entrust the manufacturing of aluminum products to a specialist. Aluminized has all the technology to initiate aluminum mass production. We are a skilled expert, customer-focused, and possess extensive knowledge and experience in aluminum mass production. Therefore, our design and production team passionately gets to work creating a wide range of products.

Why hire us for aluminium series production

  • Quality guaranteed
  • Checks performed during the production process
  • Cost-efficient production
  • Serial production lines

Collaborating with a skilled specialist

Producing large series of aluminum products is something you prefer to entrust to a team with expertise. Aluminized is a skilled specialist with all the knowledge and capacity to initiate this process. We handle this entirely in-house with our own robots. The aluminum products are processed according to your requirements. Everything is discussed and reviewed with you in detail.


Frequently asked questions

  • What does the serial production process look like?

    Serial production of aluminum products starts with a good design. The product design is developed by you or by our engineers. If the prototype meets requirements, the production team gets to work. We do this in an automated and robotized machine park. The machines are controlled by computers, and there are always specialists present, closely monitoring the production process. So, you can always be sure of excellent quality in aluminum mass production.


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