Industrial designer

Industrial Designer: From sketch to a functional prototype

We like to be involved from the early stages of product design to optimize the design with our manufacturing expertise. We regularly perform a manufacturability check in collaboration with industrial designers. But we are also here to assist you with your idea for an aluminum product. We are eager to visualize your idea through a 3D design. Our Industrial Designer portfolio showcases numerous examples of products that have been designed with or by us. What started as a simple sketch on paper has eventually become a functional prototype.

Why choose industrial design with Aluminized

  • Application of latest technologies in industrial design
  • Design for series production
  • Applicable knowledge of the production process
  • Client-oriented approach
  • Extensive Industrial Designer portfolio

What makes our service unique?

Many metalworking companies do not offer industrial design. Many design and engineering firms can make a prototype, but batch production will be difficult. Fortunately, Aluminized knows how to deal with batch production design engineering. Using the Creo 3D drawing programme, we create (mechanical) 3D drawings. We also make the first prototype of your design.


Technology used in design and drawing.

When designing and drawing, we use the Creo 3D drawing programme. This is effective in design and product development for our clients. The drawing allows us to visualise your wishes. This also gives you a clear picture of the end result.


Curious about what we can do for you?

Please contact us, we will be happy to inform you!