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Tender Post & Parcel 800 box

The rise of the cargo bike is unstoppable, and electric cargo bikes, in particular, can be seen everywhere on the roads nowadays. Urban Arrow is the undisputed leader in electric cargo bikes, known for delivering an outstanding riding experience. Quality is a top priority for Urban Arrow, a commitment that aligns seamlessly with the values of Aluminized.

The collaboration with the customer commences with our engineers, who work closely with the customer to shape their ideas. From there, a prototype is crafted, and once the prototype meets the customer’s requirements, serial production can be initiated.

The partnership between Urban Arrow and Aluminized traces back to various inquiries and projects, as shared by Urban Arrow’s Lead Designer. “Initially, there were different concepts, but eventually, the journey led to the development of the box currently utilized in the Tender Post & Parcel 800. This box boasts an attractive and compact design. With an 800-liter volume, it offers substantial loading capacity. Moreover, the aluminum box is built to endure impacts and withstand diverse weather conditions.

The interaction with Aluminized throughout the process was highly gratifying. We’ve been collaborating for quite some time, and there’s a driving force behind their work – a genuine willingness. They are not only eager to align with the customer’s needs but also to explore innovative avenues. One of the reasons we approached Aluminized was the exceptional quality of their welding results. The end product is undeniably impressive. With this box on the Tender Post & Parcel 800, we believe we can truly serve the market.”

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    High end welding machines

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    Over 250 technical experts

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    High customer satisfaction score

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    Leader in aluminium welding

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    Combination with other operations possible

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    High quality standards, sustainability and innovation

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