Urban Arrow

Lead designer at Urban Arrow:

“The collaboration between Urban Arrow and Aluminized originated a while ago through various inquiries and projects. Initially, there were different ideas, but eventually, the process led to the box currently used on the Tender Post & Parcel 800. The box has an attractive and compact design. The 800-liter volume provides a substantial loading capacity. Additionally, the aluminum box is durable and can withstand various weather conditions. The contact with Aluminized during the process was very pleasant. We have been working together for quite some time. There is drive behind their work; willingness to listen to the customer’s needs and try out new things. One of the reasons we approached Aluminized was because of the high-quality welding results they achieve. And the end result is definitely remarkable. With this box on the Tender Post & Parcel 800, we believe we can truly serve the market.”
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    High end welding machines

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    Over 250 technical experts

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    High customer satisfaction score

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    Leader in aluminium welding

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    Combination with other operations possible

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    High quality standards, sustainability and innovation

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