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Renewable Energy

The industry calls for innovation and progress in the energy sector. Manufacturers of industrial solutions and components for sustainable energy face challenging issues. Costs, safety, scalability, regulation, lifespan, maintenance, and repair are crucial themes that must be taken into account.

Why choose Aluminized? Our expertise and focus on quality make us the ideal partner for the energy industry. We understand the specific challenges and needs of manufacturers and offer reliable, high-quality aluminium components. Our production processes and techniques meet strict automotive standards, resulting in sustainable and efficient solutions.

Why aluminium? This versatile material offers unique benefits that align perfectly with the requirements of the energy industry. It is lightweight and strong, resistant to corrosion and rust thanks to its natural oxide layer, recyclable, has excellent heat conductivity, and a longer lifespan. These properties make aluminium the ideal choice for your components and parts.

We are your reliable partner in this dynamic industry. At Aluminized, we always consider the bigger picture and the desired end result. We optimize the manufacturability of your components and parts and aim to minimize downtime through maintenance and repair. Together, we ensure an optimal outcome that meets your economic, technical, and aesthetic requirements.

Choose the strength of Aluminized and make a sustainable difference in the energy industry. Contact us today for a successful collaboration that exceeds your expectations. Contact us now.

Aluminized for the renewable energy industry:

  • Industry leader in aluminium components
  • Development, production and assembly
  • We understand the industry's challenges for renewable energy
  • Aluminium is a lightweight material
  • Over 250 technical specialists
  • High-end factory of 14,000 m2
  • Experience in various industries

Specialist in aluminium processing for the renewable energy industry

Our manufacturing techniques for processing aluminum:

Why you should contact us for aluminum solutions.

  • We provide a total solution for aluminium products.
  • From development, production to assembly
  • At an early stage, we think with you about the manufacturability and scalability of your applicat
  • A high-quality production process where many operations are automated
  • Production techniques and processes that meet automotive requirements
  • Experts in aluminum
  • Experience in various industries
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    Innovative production process

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    Over 250 technical specialists

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    High-end products

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    Industry leader in aluminium components

High-quality standards, sustainability and innovation

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Why do companies choose Aluminized for production of aluminium components?

Processing aluminum to then turn it into parts for the industrial sector? It is a job that you are happy to outsource or entrust to a true expert. For this reason, you choose a pleasant collaboration with our company. You benefit from high quality and local production, recognized by DAF, Scania and Accell, for example. We know everything about aluminium, from sheet material to finished product, you can entrust the entire process to us. With over 100 years in the industry, 250 employees and 30 robots, we can provide you with excellent service. Together we strive for a sustainable partnership.


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